Hiker Trouble

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Lola and her boyfriend went hiking in the desert. They hiked into a remote area that was seldom visited by other people. Surprisingly, the normally dry stream had water running in it, allowing flowers and grasses to grow and bring a surprising amount of green to the desert.


When they resumed hiking, they ran across a rattlesnake, which scared Lola. Her boyfriend decided it was time to spring a surprise on Lola. Grabbing a dead branch and pulling some leather straps from his backpack, he quickly had Lola helpless with her arms spread and strapped to the branch. “You bastard!” she screamed at him.


In response, he just chuckled, and led her back to that secluded area they had found. Off came her shirt, a difficult thing to do with a struggling woman. Teasing her nipples, he said: “You look lovely that way... but you’re still wearing too much!


Eventually, he managed to get her shorts and panties off of her, leaving her very naked and very exposed to anyone who happened along. Although Lola protested and struggled, deep inside she was enjoying all this bondage and the risqué exposure.


Lola was hot inside, and it didn’t help when he gently stroked her exposed pussy from behind her.


Then he told her that he was leaving, taking her clothes with him. She protested to no avail. She had mixed feelings, being both highly sexually excited and also scared being bound, nude, and all alone.


He returned a short time later and unbound her. Getting dressed, Lola couldn’t wait to get home. Once home, she attacked him, drug him to the bed, and fucked the daylights out of him; actually, they both fucked each other like there was no tomorrow.


Once their passionate fucking was done, they laid together in bed, with him thinking of other ways to get her that horny again...

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