Rainy Day Show Bondagette!

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It was a dreary, rainy day - the kind where you just want to stay indoors.

Deanna Deadly stopped by my hotel room to see how I was doing, and what I thought of the convention. We started talking about the weather, the convention, and many other topics. Somehow, the subject of bondage came up...

"Are you into bondage?" I asked her.

"Hell yes!" was her enthusiastic reply

Before I knew it, she had stripped down to her birthday suit, inviting me to bind her up. Who amd I to refuse such a request?

I noticed a black semi-corset amongst the pile of her clothes. It got me to thinking...

"How about you wear this?" I asked while holding up the corset.

"Oh, okay!" She made a show of putting on the corset, which didn't cover much - just her midriff. It left her breasts and pussy exposed...

Next came the fun part. I bound her up and damn near immobilized her while she was standing up. There she was, almost naked, bound, and wondering what was next. I could tell this was getting her juices flowing...

We had a great time that afternoon and into the evening. We were quite exhausted by the end of it all.

"Dinner?" I asked her.

She replied by nodding her head. We went to a fancy restaraunt...

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